Divorce Cost in Wyoming

The divorce cost in WY mainly ranges from $3,000 to $25,000. The average depends on the issues the couple has. The overall average is $11,400; property division adds another $4,700 to that number. Alimony problems increase the divorce cost in Wyoming to about $15,800, while issues with child custody make it rise to about $17,200. If individuals with a high net worth are divorcing, the average cost will be $29,200, and it may go up to $200,000 if trial is needed.

As to regular trials, a children- or property-involved one will cost about $20,100; while an alimony-related trial may cost about $23,900.

Please note that an online uncontested divorce fee in WY may be $300-$600, depending on the service you choose.

The main costs for a divorce in Wyoming are:

Name of the service Costs
Court filing fee $70
Summons $5-$10
Notary costs about $5 per signature
$10 per packet of forms
$5 – name change after the divorce
Papers service about $30
Attorney services $220 per hour (on average)

If there are complications with your divorce case, the following costs may add up:

Name of the service Costs
Guardian ad Litem about $2,000
Property appraisal about $450 per item
Mandatory child custody evaluation $1,000-$2,500
Private child custody evaluation about $10,000

It’s important to remember that the numbers may change year to year. So, make sure you have some spare financial resources and consult your local court before filing the papers.