Divorce Cost in Wisconsin

The cost of divorce in Wisconsin is about $11,300 if the case doesn’t go to trial. Depending on the case, the cost may range from $3,500 to $25,000. If you have problems with child custody, the cost will be about $16,900. In case there are alimony issues, the final divorce cost in WI may be about $15,600. And if there are disputes over property division, be ready to pay about $15,900.

If your case goes to trial because of any of these issues, you may need to pay about $19,900 for a children- or property-related trial, or about $23,600 for an alimony-related one. Also, if your divorce involves a high net worth, you will have to pay about $29,000 or even more.

As to uncontested divorces, they may cost less than $1000, but only if you don’t hire an attorney. The largest divorce fee in Wisconsin is the attorney’s one, and you may need to spend $8,900 on the specialist alone.

The regular expenses for a divorce include:

Name of the service Costs
Court filing fee $180-$220
Motion fee about $30 or $50 with placement or visit
Summons $5-$10
Notary costs $5 per paper
Copies $1.25 per copy
Papers service about $30
Attorney services $210 per hour (on average)

If there are complications with your divorce case, the following costs may add up:

Name of the service Costs
Psychologist for child custody-related disputes $2,000-$5,000 retainer fee
Mandatory child custody evaluation $500-$2,000
Private child custody evaluation about $10,000

Remember that the numbers may change by the time you need them. So, prior to calculating the divorce costs in Wisconsin, make sure you check with the local court.