Divorce Cost in Washington

The contested divorce cost in Washington is $13,400 on average, ranging from $4,000 to $30,000 if with no trial. If there are disputes about child custody, the final number may rise to $20,100. Property division issues will bring the expenses of about $18,800, and problems with alimony – $18,500.

In case of trial, the divorce cost in WA will depend on the issues and their severity. On average, property- or children-related cases that go to trial cost about $23,500. Disputes over alimony generally increase the average by another $4,400. The maximum cost may be up to $200,000, but such divorces usually involve high net individuals. Most of the money goes to on attorney’s services, also to child, finance, and property specialists. Also, high net worth divorces that are more or less settled between the two parties cost approximately $34,200.

An uncontested divorce for which you don’t hire an attorney may cost you as little as $500-$700. However, on the day the petition is filed, there must be no disputes over children, property, alimony, or other potential complications.

Be ready to cover the following main costs:

Name of the service Costs
Court filing fee $280-$314
Summons $5-$10
Notary costs $10 per signature
Papers service $35-$40
Attorney services $250 per hour (on average)

Additional costs include but are not limited to:

Name of the service Costs
Newspaper publication of the official summons about $100 in the US,
about $200 outside the US
Child custody evaluation $4,000-$8,000
Real estate appraisal $320 for a house (on average)

The costs may vary a bit depending on the city. For example, in Seattle or other large cities, attorney costs may be higher due to demand. Also, the numbers may change year to year, so consult a local court or an attorney before filing the relevant papers.