Divorce Cost in Ohio

The divorce cost in Ohio is about $12,500 on average. The range of expenses per case is $4,000-$27,000. The influencing factors are the complication severity in child custody, alimony, or property disputes, as well as the need for trial. So, children-related issues make it about $18.800, property problems make it $17,600, and alimony disputes – $17,300.

If trial is needed for the case, the average cost will increase, often significantly. Case with trials over children or property will require $22,000 on average, while those with trials over alimony may require $26,200. Besides, high-net worth divorces cost more – the average expense is $32,000. Multiple trials and child/property specialists’ services may make the final cost rise up to $200,000.

Uncontested divorce may cost only several hundred dollars. It implies you have completely no disputes with your spouse that may need attorney’s attention. However, if you don’t hire a specialist, you will have to gather all the paperwork yourself. Online services may help you with this, so the final divorce cost in OH will be cut to the fee of the site and payments for court proceedings and paper notarization.

A regular divorce requires the following expenses:

Name of the service Costs
Court filing fee $200-$350 (on average), depending on the county and whether you have children
Counterclaim $100-$250
Summons $2-$5
Notary costs $2-$6
Certification $1 per page
Copies $0.10 per page
Papers service $30-$50 for Sheriff’s service, about $20 through Secretary of State
Attorney services $240 per hour (on average)
Mediator starting from $150 per hour

There may also be additional costs, for example:

Name of the service Costs
Property appraisal $238
Divorce education classes may range from $15 to $60
Parent education classes may range from $10 to $100, depending on the number of classes, county, etc.
Child custody evaluation $1,500 if court-ordered

Make sure you check with the local courts and specialists on the up-to-date fees. The divorce cost may change year by year.