Divorce Cost in North Carolina

The divorce cost in North Carolina usually ranges from $4,000 to $30,000, with the average of $13,100. Complications related to children, property, or alimony increase the number. The first will make the divorce cost about $19,700, the second – $18,400, and the third – $18,100.

If the divorce needs trial over an issue, it will make the medium cost even higher. For example, trials over property or children make the final cost about $23,000. If an alimony problem needs trial, the number will be about $27,300. Also, if high-net worth is involved, the average divorce cost in NC rises to about $33,500. The more complications and specialists needed, the higher the number – up to $200,000.

However, if both spouses agree on every detail of their divorce and doesn’t need an attorney, the cost cuts down significantly. In such a case, all the paperwork will be on the spouses, but there are special online services to help. Their fees usually range from $150 to $300, which adds up to the final cost estimation.

Here are the main costs to cover in a regular marriage dissolution:

Name of the service Costs
Court filing fee $225-$235
Counterclaim $150-$200
Summons $5-$10
Notary costs $5 per signature
Certification $11 per page
Copies $0.50 per page
Papers service about $30
Attorney services $250 per hour (on average)

The additional expenses that may be needed:

Name of the service Costs
Property appraisal $307 per property (on average)
Parent education classes $25-$85 per parent
Child custody evaluation $4,000-$12,000, depending on the county

It would be better to consult the local courts and attorneys before estimating the final divorce cost. The numbers may change due to different factors, that’s why consulting as a part of preparation is very useful.