Divorce Cost in New Hampshire

The average divorce cost in New Hampshire is $12,500. If the case involves child custody disputes, the amount increases to about $18,500, and if property related problems are involved, the final cost may rise to about $17,500. The overall range of divorce cost in NH is from $4,000 to $27,000, including attorney fees.

The spouses can also file for an uncontested divorce, meaning they don’t have any disputes over children or property, therefore there’s no need for an attorney or another expert. In such a case, the divorce cost starts from $500 and is mostly based on obligatory fees.

If the case involves high net worth or needs multiple trials to resolve the issues, the final cost may increase to $200,000, and the most of the money will go on the specialists’ services. The couple can also use online divorce services that help gather the proper paperwork for any type of divorce. They usually charge about $300 that add up to the overall divorce cost in New Hampshire.

The main divorce costs include:

Name of the service Costs
New Hampshire court filing fee $400
Summons $25
Notary costs $10
Certifications $11
Copies $0.1 per page
Papers service $25-$55
Attorney divorce fee in NH $150-$400 per hour, $230 on average

There are also additional expenses that may be needed:

Name of the service Costs
Property appraisal $280-$443
Parenting classes $25-$395
Child custody evaluation $1,000
Psychological services $60-$250

Make sure to check the updates on the then-current fees.