Divorce Cost in Mississippi

Getting divorced in Mississippi will cost you about $11,000 on average. The minimal divorce cost in Mississippi is around $145. The cost can go up to $15,000 and more if the case involves child custody, alimony, and other complications. The average divorce attorney’s fee is $250 an hour. It’s uncommon for Mississippi divorce attorneys to charge a flat fee.

The average court filing fee in the state is about $125. It ranges between $93 and $153 depending on the county and whether the divorce is contested or not. There are also other mandatory payments involved, such as notarizing certain documents ($2-$5), summons ($35), and a variety of others depending on whether the family has children, the need for property evaluation, etc. Overall, the lowest divorce cost in Mississippi starts under $200.

The most expensive, complicated, and often lengthy divorce in Mississippi is the one involving minor children. In this case, the average rate goes up to about $16,500. It will get closer to $20,000 if the case goes to trial. In cases involving children, the parents might need to take a court-mandated parenting class, which can cost between $25 and $85.

The attorney’s fees vary depending on the complexity of the case, their level of experience, and some other factors.

Please check the legal fees on the relevant government pages in your county before filing for a divorce in Mississippi. The fees can be changed by the state. You may also apply to waive the court fees if you are eligible.

Name of the service Costs
Court filing fee $93-$153
Summons $35
Notary costs $2-$5
Papers service $35
Attorney services $210 per hour (on average)

There are also additional expenses that may be needed:

Name of the service Costs
Property appraisal $220-$500 (on average)
Parenting classes $25-$85 per spouse
Psyhological services $60-$250
Certifications $1-$11
Copies $0.25-$1 (per page)
Counterclaim $88-$93