Divorce Cost in Massachusetts

The divorce cost in Massachusetts is rather high is the case is contested and involves minor children. In these situations, the average cost will start at $16,000 and can go up to $24,000 if the case goes to trial. The minimum divorce cost is about $300. This includes the mandatory court filing fee of $215 (at the time this information is published) as well as $5 summons cost and $30-$85 you’ll pay for serving your spouse with the official papers. Please note that this route is necessary for a contested divorce. The rates depend on how far away your spouse currently resides.

The state of Massachusetts has a higher than average hourly rate of divorce attorneys compared to other parts of the US. Here you’ll need to pay about $300 per hour to your legal counsel. The cheapest way is for both spouses to hire one attorney with experience in mediation. This is only possible in the cases where the couple can settle their issues out of court. If at some point of the negotiations the spouses cannot come to terms and the case goes to trial, the mediator cannot represent either of them.

The divorce cost in Massachusetts will go up drastically in court cases involving alimony and child custody disputes. In these situations your total expenses can increase up to $30,000. About two-thirds of that amount will be the attorney’s fee. However, the costs of expert witnesses also take up a large amount.

The mandatory court filing fee varies by county, so check your local rates personally.

Name of the service Costs
Court filing fee $215
Summons $5
Notary costs $0.25-$2
Papers service $30-$85
Attorney services $300 per hour (on average)

There are also additional expenses that may be needed:

Name of the service Costs
Property appraisal $347 (on average)
Parenting classes $25-$85 per spouse
Psychological services $60-$250 (per hour)
Certifications $11-$20
Copies $0.5-$2.50 (per page)