Divorce Cost in Idaho

The divorce cost in Idaho can vary from $3,500 to $25,000, with the average of about $11,000.  If the case involves custody disputes or property division, the average cost may rise to about $17,000 or $16,000, depending on the issue.

If the couple has no disagreements and wants peaceful proceedings, they can file for an uncontested divorce that will cost about $300-$500 or more. This number includes only the obligatory fees like the court filing fee, notary costs, etc. If the documents are difficult to gather, the spouses can find help on one of the online divorce services. They suggest the necessary papers by asking questions about the potential issues in your case, children, property, etc. Such a service will add about $300 more to the final divorce cost in ID.

On the other hand, if the couple has many disputes that need trials and/or if the case involves high net worth, the cost of their divorce may rise up to $200,000. The money will mostly go on the attorney services, child and/or property specialists, and trials.

The main costs include:

Name of the service Costs
Idaho court filing fee $207-$400
Notary costs $2
Certifications $11
Copies $0.1-$0.5 per page
Paperwork service $50-$70
Attorney divorce fee in ID $100-$300 hourly rate

There are also additional expenses that may be needed:

Name of the service Costs
Property appraisal $448-$488
Parenting classes $25-$85
Psychological services $60-$200

Consult with your attorney and the local court on the updated fees before filing for a divorce.