Divorce Cost in Delaware

The divorce cost in Delaware is about $16,000 on average, but the overall range is from $5,000 to $35,000. The final number depends on the complexity of the case and the difficulties present. For example, if there are child custody-related problems, the average divorce cost in DE will be approximately $24,000, and if there are any property-related issues, it may become about $22,000-$23,000.

If the case doesn’t require the help of an attorney and there are no disputes whatsoever, the uncontested divorce cost can start from about $200-$300. The final number will include mandatory payments like the court filing fee, notary costs, etc. However, this means that the couple will have to gather all the papers themselves. If this becomes a problem, they can get help on one of the specialized online services that help choose the necessary paper package for every particular divorce case.

On the other hand, if the couple has high net worth and there are child custody problems or a lot of property to divide, the divorce cost in Delaware may rise up to $200,000. The majority of this money will go to the attorneys and other specialists for their services, as well as to the court as trials might be needed.

The main costs will include:

Name of the service Costs
Delaware court filing fee $160
Notary costs $5
Certifications $4
Copies $1 per page
Paperwork service $15-$40
Attorney divorce fee in DE $300-$600 hourly rate

There are also additional expenses that may be needed:

Name of the service Costs
Property appraisal $270-$480
Parenting classes $25-$100
Psychological services $80-$190

Don’t forget to consult said services and your local court before filing, as the fees might change.